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01 Apr
Clean Pet Urine Out of Carpet

The Do’s and Don’ts of Pet Urine in your Carpet


• Put vinegar on it - you can’t treat an acid with an acid.

• Steam clean your carpet – doing so will spread the urine throughout your carpet and you'll have an even bigger problem dealing with the odour.

• Rub the carpet with a cloth. Rubbing your carpet will damage the carpet fibre.

• Put anything else on it, as you may set the stain permanently and discolour your carpet.


• Attend to the urine as soon as possible.

• Pour a cup of cold water on the urine. This will dilute the urine and its acidity will be reduced - making it far less likely to damage the carpet fibres.

• Place a clean white doubled-over towel on top and let the towel soak up the water and urine.

• Have all stains treated before any carpet cleaning is carried out.

• Call us to deal with what is left. This will save you money!

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