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Pet urine treatment

Urine Out of Carpet

Pet Stain and Odour Treatment

We provide a free assessment and quote tailored to your needs.

It’s important to establish the degree of urine contamination in your carpet so that we can provide you with treatment options specific to your home.

Not sure where or how much urine is in your carpet?

Don’t worry! We use the latest technology to identify all of the contaminated areas, and then clean thoroughly with eco-friendly, pet-safe solutions.

IMPORTANT FACT: Steam cleaning your carpets before treating pet urine will further spread the urine throughout your carpets!

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Pet stains

Carpet Reports

✓ Own a rental property?
✓ Buying a pre loved home?
✓ Want to know the extent of urine contamination in your home?
✓ Making an insurance claim?

We can provide you with a comprehensive carpet report on the state of your carpet, including: moisture damage, urine contamination, mould growth, general stains and pest damage.

IMPORTANT FACT: Carpets are not covered in normal building inspections, yet underlying damage can cost thousands to repair if left untreated.

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Pet odour from lounge

Underfloor Sealing and Carpet Removal

In extreme circumstances, pet urine contamination of carpets and underlay can also penetrate sub-floors.

In these extreme cases, carpets and underlay cannot be salvaged and need to replaced.

Many people have made the mistake of replacing their carpet and underlay, only to find that their new carpet and underlay becomes infected from urine leeching up from their sub-floors.

If your carpets and underlay need to be replaced, it is absolutely necessary to have your sub-floors sealed before installing new underlay and carpet.

We can remove and dispose of your old carpet, underlay and tack strips, and seal your sub-floors ready for your new carpet.

IMPORTANT FACT: Replacing carpets and underlay without treating damaged sub-floors will waste your valuable time and money!

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