Upholstery & Rugs

We at Pet Stains Canberra can clean and sanitise all your upholstery, including lounges, sofas, chairs, mattresses and rugs. Having your upholstery cleaned on a regular basis will extend the life of your furnishings. If you think about the amount of time spent on your lounge, sofas and chairs, it is no wonder they get grubby. Children with sticky fingers, your pet poochie and puss the cat all leaving behind hair and pet dander, quickly leads to a dirty lounge.

While we vacuum and have our carpets cleaned regularly, we often forget about our lounges, sofas and chairs. Can you imagine over the space of a year, if you never dusted your coffee table, how thick the dust would be? Well this is the same amount of dust that settles on your furnishings year after year, but because it is not so visible it is easy to ignore.It is a good idea to vacuum your soft furnishings with an upholstery brush every time you vacuum the carpet. Regular vacuuming will remove excess dust, dead skin cells, pet dander, hair and food crumbs.

Skin naturally excretes oil and sweat, add the creams and lotions we use on our skin and hair every day and we now have a sticky residue on our furnishings. This sticky residue attracts dirt, dust, hair, dead skin cells and pet dander. Over time if not cleaned on a regular basis this sticky residue will build up to a dirty shiny patch on your lounge. This is especially so on areas where bare skin meets the lounge, such as arm and head rests.

It is recommended to have your furnishings cleaned yearly to maintain the look and feel of your lounges, chairs and sofas as they are very expense to replace.